You know that awesome feeling when you see your client transform her life and you think, “Wow, I was a part of that!” (Cue the Hallelujah Chorus, as angels smile beatifically.)

But then… there’s the less awesome feeling, when you think to yourself, “Um, how am I going to get new clients?” (Cue the horror movie music and the zombies….)

It’s not that you’re not an amazing coach — you are! I’ve worked with many amazing coaches over the years, and so many of them tell me the same thing: I’m struggling to make a living. People just aren’t interested in health coaching.

Here’s the thing: that’s not true. People are definitely interested in health coaching, but you have to target the right people. You have to find your niche. Like, if you put ad for your services on the wall in the greasy spoon diner on the highway, you wouldn’t get many calls, because those people aren’t ready to get healthy. But if you put the same ad on the wall in a local specialty health food store, you have a better chance of connecting with people who are ready to take that step.

In this day in age, you have to be different. You have to be unique. But how do you do that — especially when you’re competing with all the other health coaches out there who learned the same information?

Actually, it’s easy: you stop competing with all the other health coaches out there. You put your own twist on what you learned. You figure out what makes you special — and you go with that.

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Find Your Passion

What are you passionate about?

Do you want to reach the women who struggle with self-image and eating disorders?

Are you passionate about the busy mom who doesn’t have time to make healthy choices during her day?

What about the working man who wants to learn self-confidence and get into a healthy daily routine?

Pick the person you most want to work with — the person you care the most about helping — and figure out how to attract that person.

I know what you’re thinking: You want me to narrow my market? That’s crazy!

I admit that it sounds a bit… counter-intuitive, but narrowing your market actually increases your appeal to that target market. You’ll find that you have more clients, and they’re the clients you love to work with.

That’s because not everyone relates to everything. You can’t please everyone all the time. But when you find the clients who get you, and they know you get them, they say, “YES! You get me! You understand MY struggle!”

If you try to market to everyone, you end up marketing to no one.

Take some time and think about who you want your ideal client to be. Write down the specifics in your workbook.

If you haven’t downloaded the workbook yet, you can do so here.[convertkit form=4982542]


Think Outside the Box

Don’t just market on Facebook because everyone else is. Think outside the box when it comes to marketing online and offline.

After you complete the first section of the workbook, you will know where to find your ideal client.

Are you targeting teens, soccer moms, or middle-aged dads?

Does your ideal client like sports? Or dread them?

Is this a person who values family? Or who enjoys the freedom of single life?

This will determine what social media account you should focus on for marketing. Or if offline marketing, online marketing, or both will work better. 

Or if you should start a blog, podcast, video series, or another type of content marketing.

Put your own combination together based on your ideal client, and that will be effective.

When you create marketing materials, write them for one person — but make sure it really resonates with that person. Focus entirely on that one person, and you’ll find that you attract that person — and all the people like that person — as clients.


Be Yourself

Who are you?

What?! You may be thinking, Um, hello, of course I know who I am. And you may know who you are —  but you forget when you’re working on your business, because you may feel like you have to be a certain way.

It’s happened to me before. I’m the serious but funny “me” when I’m with my friends, but when I sit down to work on the business, I turn into an agreeable robot. Yeah, not good. I had to really work hard to figure out who I was — and what I wanted to portray to my clients.

Write down in the workbook all your good and bad qualities. Your favorite animal, color, values and more. Then write about how you can use 3 or 4 of these qualities in how you talk, write and market. 

If you aren’t clear about who you are, it will show in your business and marketing. People don’t want to see perfect. They want to see a human behind your business. Make your ideal client want to talk with you.

After filling out the free workbook, you should know exactly what your niche and ideal clients are. Then you can focus on what their pain points are and how you can meet their needs.

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